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5 Tips for Finding the Best Night Club in Rome

best club in rome

5 Tips for Finding The best club in Rome

Choose the best every night in Rome

Rome is visited by about 38 million tourists per year, and for a good reason. Rome is rich with adventures, beautiful sights, and unforgettable nights that you won’t find anywhere else in the world.

The nightlife in Rome is lively and goes well into the late hours of the night and morning. Experiencing a club in Rome is a great way to get to know locals and other tourists and feel what being in the authentic “night club Roma” environment is like. 

With so many clubs to choose from, you may be wondering how to find the best night clubs in Rome. While it may be tempting to search on popular tourist websites or search for “club Rome,” it may not bring you the best results.

There are better ways to find the Rome night club that is perfect for you. Read on for the best tips on finding European nightlife experiences you will never forget. 

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1. Decide What Kind of Club You're Looking For

The great thing about night clubs in Rome is that there is something for everyone, no matter what your idea of a “fun night out” entails. 

You will first want to decide what kind of night you’re looking for. There will be a big difference in options depending on if you want to be in a more relaxed, small environment or in a large, loud traditional club environment. 

Take note when you’re visiting parts of Rome throughout the day. If you see a spot that looks like it would be perfect to visit at night, it’s worth coming back to check out. 

In general, the areas of Rome that are considered touristy will likely have the biggest, loudest parties and clubs to go to. If you’re looking for a quieter, more intimate night out you may want to stick to less busy neighborhoods. 

2. Ask the Locals

There is no better tip on this list than to get sightseeing advice from the locals themselves. After all, no guidebook or website will know Rome better than them. 

Luckily, Italians are known for their warmth, hospitality, and love of small talk. If you reach out to locals while out dining or walking you will likely get some great recommendations. Making friends with locals is the key to getting the best travel tips. 

If you know of a specific neighborhood you’d like to explore, but don’t know where to start, head out there and try to make some friends. They will likely be able to point you in the direction of the exact kind of Rome night clubs you’re looking for. 

3. Check Eventi Globo 

If you are going to rely on the internet, you’re going to want to rely on the best one that truly knows the area inside and out. 

That is why Eventi Globo is the perfect place to find a night club in Rome. At Eventi Globo, you will always find the latest and hottest events and night clubs in Rome. 

There’s always something new on the calendar, so make sure to check it regularly during your vacation in Rome. From flower parties to wine events, Eventi Globo has you covered. 

Some other nightlife events may include themes like a disco dancing night, poolside cocktails, and garden parties. 

There are even club and venue recommendations with pictures and descriptions of what you will find there. Whether you are looking for a boho chic spot or want to party in a mansion’s garden, there are great night clubs in Rome you’ll find at Eventi Globo. 

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4. Walk Through Trastevere

Trastevere is a wildly popular area for both tourists and locals, so the Rome nightlife here is always exciting and there is always something to see. It’s also easy to get there by bus or the metro. 

The great thing about Trastavere is that you could easily spend your entire day and night there. During the day, you can walk through the narrow, winding streets of this picturesque neighborhood and take in the sights. 

Its cobblestone streets and endless options for fun and nightlife blend this old neighborhood, with buildings dating back to medieval times, with the newer feel of clubs and bars. There is even an ex-pat community here for a taste of home. 

There are also plenty of trattorias, restaurants, and pizzerias to choose from when you get hungry and want to try the local food. Once the sun sets, make your way towards the chatter, music, and noise! 

5. Try Clubs in Every Neighborhood

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